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 Welcome to Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic

Fraser Valley Boarded Veterinary Dental Specialist, Josephine M. Banyard, DVM, DAVDC
46793 Yale Rd East, Chilliwack, B.C. Canada.
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Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic, serving Chilliwack, Promontory, Sardis, Fairfield Island, Greendale, and the Fraser Valley, is committed to bringing health back and maintaining optimal health in pets through our popular wellness and oral health plans. Our veterinarian, Dr Josephine M. Banyard, DVM, DAVDC, is a veterinary dental specialist and has been a general practitioner since 1981. Dental referrals are accepted from the above areas,as well as Greater Vancouver and elsewhere in British Columbia. Our objective for our patients is for them to live a healthy life and to help their families maintain this optimal state.

Who We Are

Our AAHA  accredited veterinary facility meets the exacting standards of AAHA and also the College of Veterinarians of British Columbia, CVBC. Dr Josephine Banyard, DVM, DAVDC accepts referrals for advanced dental procedures. Having graduated in 1981 from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, Saskatoon, she is also an experienced general practitioner in medicine, soft tissue and orthopedic surgery.

Our staff are committed to helping you achieve the veterinary care your much loved pets need. They also have pets they love dearly and understand that you value yours as family members.

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For an appointment please call our receptionist at 604-792-2844. If you wish, you can bring in a completed   New Client form to your first appointment.

Client and Patient Confidentiality

At Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic we represent you, our client. We regard the information in your pet's medical record as confidential and do not release them without your permission. We have the specialized medical training in animal health needed to diagnose, treat and meet your pet's health needs. Our recommendations are based on knowledge gained through medical research. All our staff, both professional staff and support staff attend regular continuing education seminars and workshops.


For presentations to veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary office assistants and the public on topics in veterinary dentistry, please contact Dr Banyard at 604-792-2844. She enjoys sharing her experiences and spreading information about dentistry.

Videos on You Tube

Dr Banyard's channel on You Tube is constantly changing as she adds more videos to it. You can check out her videos at

Dentistry for Pet Owners 101

Professional Teeth Clean in a dog: Part 1 to 7 (This is the link to the first video of this series)

Extraction in a dog with Stage 4 periodontal disease: Parts 1 to 3. (This is the link to the first video of this series)

At Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic, we believe that only by being part of the family and healthy can pets be truly happy.

Josephine M. Banyard, DVM, DAVDC
Josephine M. Banyard | Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic |604-792-2844

46793 Yale Rd East
Chilliwack British Columbia V2P 2S5

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Dr Banyard's Blog

Feline Tooth Resorption


Surgery to Treat Cancer in the Mouth of a Dog: Fred's Story


Our new videos:

The Tale of Two Dogs with Bad Dental Disease: Part 1 Zoey's Story

The Tale of Two Dogs with Bad Dental Disease: Part 2 Sally's Story


Weather Alert:​ We are closed today until further notice due to freezing rain and hazardous driving conditions. Be safe and stay off the roads until driving conditions are no longer hazardous. We apologize of any inconvenience to you and your pets.


In our newest video we tell you what gum recession is and show you a few tips on how to recognize it.

Gum recession - What is it?

New Video on You Tube:

Extraction in a dog with stage 4 periodontal disease: Part 2 X-rays 

This video shows x-rays of the upper right and left molar teeth at the back of the mouth in this dog. These teeth are hidden from view so this is very easily missed by pet owners.


Extraction  in a Dog with stage 4 periodontal disease: Part 1 Oral Exam

This series of 3 short videos shows what the vet sees in the oral exam. Remember that now all the disease is seen. X-rays are needed to see how severe the problem is.


How often should I take my dog or cat for a teeth clean by the veterinarian?

Do you ever wonder about how often your pet needs to have a professional teeth clean? You are not alone. Here is the answer and reasons why.


New video on You Tube:

Pointers on brushing teeth in dogs and cats with pet dentist, Jo Banyard: Dentistry for Pet Owners 101

This is for people who need a few ideas on how to best start out brushing their pet's teeth. For further information watch Dr Banyard's other videos on you tube,  'Dentistry for Pet Owners 101' and 'Professional teeth clean in a dog: Parts 1 to 7'.

Emergency Service

24/7 emergency service is very costly to MediCare and no less costly to veterinarians. The following Emergency clinics are best equipped for your pet's emergency needs. For after hour emergency service please call:

1. Animal Emergency Clinic of the Fraser Valley

Hours: Open 24/7


 #306-6325 204th Street,

Langley, B.C.  Canada V2Y 3B3


2. Abbotsford Valley Animal Emergency Clinic

Hours: Monday to Saturday 5pm to 8:00 am, Sunday and weekends 24hours


C-2388 McCallum Rd, Abbotsford, BC V2S 3P4


Meet The Doctor

  • Dr.
    Josephine Banyard

    Dr Josephine Banyard graduated from the Western College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Saskatchewan in 1981 and became a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Dentistry in 2013. She and her husband, Dr Reynolds opened Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic 1995. Together they have been practising in the Chilliwack area since 1985. They have two grown sons. Dr Banyard enjoys painting, reading, sewing, family and friends. Read More


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