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Mission Statement, Philosophy

Our Mission Statement

We, the staff of Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic Ltd., consider Veterinary Medicine to be a profession and a vocation.

We endeavor to provide health care to our patients according to current veterinary standards.

We regard our patients, clients, professional and support staff as a community.

We are a team working together to ensure that our pets enjoy life of wellness.

We offer our clients their options for disease prevention and treatment so that they can make decisions that fit their own unique family.

We invite open communication

We are an environmentally friendly practice

Our Philosophy

Our clients, patients and staff are our clinic community.

We are committed to providing our patients current medicine according to the cost and time constraints of the service. We acknowledge that owners must decide on the treatment according to their own unique situations. As the standards of veterinary medicine increase and the technology of medicine and surgery advance we are constantly challenged and feel privileged to offer you veterinary care.

We consider preventative health care essential to the well being of our patients. We want your family member to feel well for life. It is only through wellness that they can fully enjoy their life.