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Tooth Fractures

Tooth Fractures in Dogs and Cats

Fractured Teeth in dogs and cats need to be treated with extraction or root canal therapy. Dr Banyard has treated many tooth fractures - no two are the same. When fracture opens up the pulp bacteria from the mouth enter the pulp and infects to inside of the tooth. This infection progresses down to the deepest part of the root of the tooth and into the bone where it becomes an abscess. These are very painful. It can take only 2 weeks to develop an abscess. Ignoring these issues is not an option - the tooth needs treatment.

The causes of tooth fractures include chewing on rocks, bones, antlers, very hard toys, fighting with other dogs or cats, catching rocks thrown in the air by people, and accidents (hit by cars).

Tooth Fractures

Old complicated crown root fracture

(Left) This tooth is a fractured left upper canine tooth is a large breed dog. This has been present for a very long time. Notice how discoloured it is. This tooth needs to be treated. In this dog it was extracted.
Complicated Crwon fracture of left upper canine tooth (Left) This tooth is the left is the same one in the image above. You can see that the pulp - the oval in the middle, is discoloured. This is an infected pulp cavity and causing bone infection at the apex of the root.
To the right is a right lower canine tooth. The line of the fracture extends below the gum line. The pet's family wanted to do all they could to prevent her from losing her canine teeth. This tooth was treated with a root canal, crown lengthening and a metal crown was used to protect the tooth. Complicated crown fracture
(Left) The left upper fourth premolar in this Chihuahua has a complicated crown fracture with exposure of the pulp (the pink spot). This is very painful. This tooth was treated with a root canal.

For more information please refer to Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pet: Why Dental Care Matters. Available at Amazon,  AAHA and VIN book stores.