Homecare Instructions Following Oral Surgery In Your Dog or Cat #1

11/30/2020 Public Notice of Suspected Poisonings

A notice has been sent to Veterinary clinics from the SPCA

Please read excepts below:

Areas of concern: The River’s Edge region:

  • Rotary Trail
  • Peach Park
  • Peach Road
  • Vedder Dog Park
  • Carter Road
  • Anglers Boulevard

Signs: Profuse vomiting, lethargy, nausea, diarrhea, white foam from the mouth, and eventual vomiting of blood

Timing: Within as little as a few hours of the animals being walked in the aforementioned areas

Concerns: Some patients have died. A ‘pinkish-white powdery substance’ has been found in the area.

Vet Diagnoses: Toxin ingestion or pancreatitis.

Do not allow your pet to eat anything on walks – a basket muzzle can be a big help with this. If you see these signs contact your veterinarian or the SPCA. Spread the word.


With the COVID 19 pandemic we are working to keep our patients, clients and staff safe. We are following the Government of Canada’s recommendations of social distancing and self isolation. We need to have appointments for all exams so that we can keep people safe and avoid overcrowding in our reception area. Please call us from your vehicle to let us know of your arrival at 604-792-2844. Thank you.


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The Biggest Mistakes People make Regarding their Pet’s Dental Health

What are the two biggest mistakes people regarding dental disease in their pet? Watch this video and find out. If you can correct these mistakes it will help both you and your pet prevent so much pain and suffering. Please spread this information to friends and family.

Lucy had Awake Teeth Cleans Every Month for 10 years

Lucy had awake dental cleanings for 10 years. Did they help prevent dental disease? Let’s see. Please let others know this important information.


Feline Tooth Resorption

This extremely painful condition is common in cats who hide their pain well. Learn to recognize it in your pet and reach out to your veterinarian for help when you see this in your pet’s mouth.


Can these Fractured Teeth be Saved in these Two Dogs – 2 cases.

To all our clients we are closed Friday 12-29-2017 and Saturday 12-30-2017 due to extreme hazardous weather conditions. Stay safe everyone. Hopefully this ice and snow weather will subside soon.

We wish you all a Happy New Year for January 1st, 2018.


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In our newest video we tell you what gum recession is and show you a few tips on how to recognize it.

Gum recession – What is it?


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