Dr. Banyard treats dogs and cats teeth when they need a restoration. Restorations help protect the deep parts of the tooth and restore the normal appearance to the tooth in many case.

What are restorations?

Restorations are artificial materials used to replace lost enamel and dentin. They are used to save the tooth from decay and wear and tear. In the past amalgam was the most common restorative used for filling cavities in people. It was very durable, forgiving and relatively easy to use. The disadvantage was that amalgam had a tendency to corrode and stain and were not very cosmetic. Recently composite resins are taking the place of amalgam fillings more and more. They are aesthetically very pleasing but do not wear quite as well as the amalgam fillings.

Restorations are used in dogs and cats to repair cavities and are gaining in popularity. They are also used to fill the access sites of root canals and after cat root canals they can be used to build up the lost parts of the crowns. Newer composites are more durable than in the past.

For more information please refer to Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pet: Why Dental Care Matters. Available at Amazon, AAHA and VIN book stores.