Periodontal disease is very complex. Dr Banyard is developing a series of videos she is putting on You Tube to help pet owners understand dental disease more. This is a work in progress so be patient – more will be added over time.

To find videos created by Jo Banyard type “You tube” in your browser. Get onto the You Tube site and type in:’Dentistry for Pet Owners 101 Jo Banyard’ and many videos will come up for you to browse through. Also search for the 3 part series “Extraction in a dog with stage 4 periodontal disease: Part 1”

You can download the following PDF:
Tooth Fairy Tale

Feel free to share these links and information with your friends and relatives. Get correct information out so that pets can benefit from good health care practices. Dental disease is the #1 disease in dogs and cats and is misunderstood by many people.

Thank you for your help.