Watch this series of 7 videos on You Tube to see what the veterinarian and staff do for this dog with an early stage of dental disease.

Part 1. Physical Exam, Sedation, Intravenous fluids – this is the first of the series to show you what is involved in doing a professional teeth clean.

Part 2.Induction, intubation, cuffing and monitors – the second of the series to show you what is done to help keep your pet safe during anesthesia. Your pet needs gas anesthesia, an endotracheal tube (safety) and a person trained in anesthesia to watch your pet throughout the anesthetic period.

Part 3. Outside and inside the mouth exam – The third of this series shows what happens during the outside and inside exam in a dog.

Part 4. Intraoral radiography – Intraoral X-rays are extremely important to helping your veterinarian find problems in the jaw bones and teeth of your pet. Help your vet help your pet feel better and ask for this wonderful tool that helps find deep problems in and around teeth.

Part 5. Ultrasonic Scaling – What happens when your dog or cat’s teeth are treated with ultrasonic scaling.. To do this you want your pet to be anesthetized and it’s lungs protected. This is a painful procedure and doing this in a pet when it is awake is not humane.

Part 6. Curetting and problem areas

Find out why curetting under the gum line is needed after the ultrasonic scaling.

Coming soon: Part 7. Polishing, rinsing, going over what was found, what was done and why.

Why polish teeth? Find out in this video. We make sure you know what was found, what has been done to your pet’s teeth and why.