What are Standards of Care?

Standards of care are the protocols decided on for procedures performed in a facility.

Why are Standards of care important?

Standards of care determine the level of treatment and care given to your pet. They are important as they improve the safety and outcome of procedures such as anesthesia, surgery and treatment.

Who decides on the SOC at a Veterinary Clinic?

Owners of veterinary practices decide on the standards of care used in a veterinary clinic. Efforts to discuss universal Standards of Care to develop a standard that all clinics adhere to have not been successful. This is because there is a great range of situations where veterinary care must be provided. For instance what can be offered in a fully equipped veterinary specialty clinic in a large city will be different to that which can be offered in a rural area out in the field. Also to many people the pet is ‘just a dog’ or ‘just a cat’ and the cost of the service will affect their decision to treat the animal. Therefore costs play a big part in the Standards of Care offered.

Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic’s SOC

At Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic we offer high standards of care. We do this by meeting the rigorous facility standards of the American Animal Hospital Association. This organization continues to push its members to reach for high standards. It is our effort to assure our clients that behind the scenes our standards are excellent.

As with many areas in life it is important to make sure you are comfortable with the clinic you go to and that you trust the staff at the clinic. Ask questions about the standards of care of the clinic.