Little Mountain Veterinary Clinic has a patient centered practice philosophy – this is the way we can maintain optimum wellness in your pet. To achieve maximum health a strong relationship with our patients and their families is needed. It is all about building trust through everyone’s commitment to our patient’s health.

Annual Physical Exams for Pets are Important

It is very important for all pets to have an full physical exam annually to monitor changes in your pet’s health. This is similar to one every 7 years in dogs and 4 years in cats. Conditions discovered early can be treated and sometimes prevented. Sick or senior pets need examinations more frequently. Dr Banyard will check the health of your pet from nose tip to tail, and discuss her findings with you. She will also discuss the oral health of your pet and will make recommendations based on her findings.

Referrals are Sometimes Recommended

In some circumstances, Dr Banyard will refer you to a specialist who has advanced expertise in areas such as internal medicine or surgery.

Our Facility

Our clinic is well equipped and maintained. Our patients enjoy kennels with blankets and a staff dedicated to making sure they are as comfortable as possible. Our goal is to lower the stress for our patients.